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Webinar Schedule

Every month between (September and May), we have an expert-led webinar hosted by a professional expert within their industry. Each host presents their session with an opportunity for Q&A's during the webinar. Don't worry if you can't make any of these sessions in person, as they will be recorded and available afterwards in the Learning Lounge.

Upcoming Webinars

In addition to both Claire and Natasha presenting webinars, we try to bring onboard a range of industry experts from within the celebrant industry and also other industries, whose expertise can be invaluable for celebrant education.

22 September 2022 @ 2 PM UK TIME

Are you a technical dinosaur in celebrant's clothing?! Do the 3 little letters SEO make you want to bury your head?

Don't despair - there are simple steps that you can follow to get your website seen online - which even the biggest technophobes amongst us can easily implement! Justine Coombs will be joining us to show some of the quick fixes that you can make to improve your SEO and how to get your name out there when someone Googles your services! Hints, tips and ideas galore to improve your online visibility!

20 October 2022 @ 5 PM UK TIME

Clone Your Best Clients with Heidi Thompson

What if you could clone your best clients and work with them over and over again? Imagine how happy, fulfilled, and profitable you'd be if you could work with more of these ideal clients who appreciate and respect your work and don't object to your prices. Sounds magical, doesn't it? Clone Your Best Clients will help you identify, find, and attract your ideal clients.

Here are some key things you'll learn during the workshop:

  • Why the traditional ideal client avatar model is broken & a much better alternative
  • How your assumptions about your ideal client are costing you bookings
  • How to get the intel you need to tailor your marketing to your ideal client

16 November 2022 @ 12 PM UK TIME

The art of creating and marketing elopement ceremonies with Natasha Johnson

Whilst an elopement is a type of wedding ceremony, it calls on an entirely different approach to the usual preparation of a wedding ceremony. In this webinar, Natasha will walk through her process of creating elopements, looking at ideas and elements she has learnt along the way.

From treating them to separate and different events to a standard wedding ceremony, Natasha will show you the different ways in which elopements can be created. And you'll quickly see why elopements are some of Natasha’s favourite ceremonies to create and lead.

Photo credited to Pedro Bellido.

30 November 2022 @ 10 AM UK TIME

Celebrating your wins with Claire Bradford

It's time to celebrate your year in business. But how exactly do you do that? And most importantly, why should you do it? In order to celebrate your accomplishments you need to review your year and identify the highlights and of course the lows, and the in-betweens. By stopping to pause and reflect on the year that's gone, you can look ahead to the year that's coming with more clarity and foresight. Come and join Claire's annual celebration for lots of fun, support from your colleagues and to end the year feeling extremely proud of yourself.

12 January 2023 @ 12 PM UK TIME

Creating your 2023 for kinder, healthier results

Come and join Natasha for a gentle mental stretch, as you ease yourself into the year and start to think about how you want 2023 to look and feel for you. In this interactive group setting Natasha will run through some goal-planning exercises to get you thinking about all the things you want to do this year and equally important, the things that you don't want to do this year, too. This session will help you to plan out your year in a way that is kinder and healthier all round for you, your mindset and your business.

Group Coaching Call Schedule

Every month Natasha and/or Claire host a group coaching call for members. Each month is themed on a certain topic to allow members to focus on different areas within celebrant business and practice.

We have a dedicated Zoom meeting space for our coaching calls and we do not record these sessions to allow for a safe sharing space and full privacy.

Thursday 29th September, 2022 @ 12:30 pm UK time

Let's talk about SEO and your website. How does your website work for you? Where do you get most of your enquiries from? What do love/hate about your website? We'll be talking about all of these issues and if there's time of course, we can always digress! (When do we ever stay on topic!?)

Tuesday 26th January, 2023 @ 12:00pm UK time

In this coaching call, we will talk about your expectations for the year. What you would like to achieve and what you would like to improve or not repeat! We'll look at what steps you plan on taking and what potential obstacles you might face.

Wednesday 26th October, 2022 @ 1pm UK time

Have you worked out who your ideal clients are? Who are the people who make your role an absolute joy? What are they like? Or do you even know? Do you struggle to attract your ideal clients? Not sure how to reach out to them? Well, we'll be discussing everything about ideal clients in this session, and also the not ideal ones too!

Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 @ 1:30pm UK time

In this group coaching call, we're going to discuss elopements. What are your thoughts on them? Would you like to do more of them but are not sure how to create or promote them? This will be a great space to share elopement experiences and learn from one another.

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I wouldn't have a celebrant business I believe if it wasn't for the Celebrants Collective. In the beginning, when you are starting out, it's a highly affordable way of access to priceless resources, reams of useful information and, thanks to the many wise and wonderful celebrants in the group, the benefit of very learned and experienced celebrants. All this combined with the never ending support, kindness and know-how. If you are a celebrant and you are not a part of the Collective, you are missing out BIG TIME!

Elizabeth Cass-Kanti Wedding Celebrant, Greece

The Celebrants Collective has given me the confidence to approach this job as a 'real' business, introducing me to marketing strategies and business planning in a way that feels organic and part of my work, as opposed to an uncomfortable extra. I also have a network of incredibly friendly folks who are so willing to offer advice, support and encouragement and access to a heap of professional development resources that are encouraging me to expand my own knowledge and up the value of the service I offer.

Keli Tomlin, Wedding Celebrant, UK Wedding Celebrant, UK

I joined the Celebrants Collective initially as a new starter celebrant looking for hints, tips and advice. Through the friendship, support and sound advice it has given me much more confidence, without feeling pressured to deliver. It's enabled me to take what I need and apply it to my celebrant business in my own way. The webinars are great, down to earth, honest and very well put together, with some brilliant guest speakers. I love it!

Gaynor Stickels Wedding Celebrant, UK

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