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The Celebrants’ Collective is an online education platform focused on helping celebrants across Europe and beyond to improve and develop their skills as professional celebrants. Aimed at passionate, heart-led, client-orientated, business-conscious celebrants (new and experienced) who want to create the best working environment for themselves and their clients. You. Let it be your online home for improving and building your celebrant business and celebrant skills.

Success is no accident. It's hard-work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrificing, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. 


We empower you to make a difference to your

celebrant business

No matter where you are in your career as a celebrant and how good you are at what you do, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Learning valuable skills to help you with your work as a celebrant doesn’t stop on the day that you become a celebrant. The journey is a continual one, with new skills, approaches and techniques, ready and waiting to be learnt, appreciated and taken onboard.

In our fast-paced busy world, our way of working is constantly adapting, as is the way that we work and communicate with others. The job of a celebrant is no different and not immune to these changes. You already know this!

Your membership to the Celebrants' Collective community will help to enhance those skills, which not only relate to your role as a celebrant, but also as the person who is responsible for your personal well-being as a self-employed person, and the person in charge of the business, marketing and administrative side of being a celebrant. As well as overseeing and enhancing your ceremony work. No easy feat!

The Celebrants' Collective is about empowering celebrants to be the best that they can be, by improving how they work as celebrants in today’s society and helping to promote and support the work of celebrants globally.

Come and join us today! And enjoy all of these benefits and more!

What you get

There are so many benefits to being a member of the Celebrants Collective. There's very little we haven't thought of when it comes to helping you to be the best celebrant that you can be.

Monthly coaching calls and webinars

Every month, Claire and/or Natasha lead group coaching calls for members to discuss aspects of business and practice. We also have monthly expert-led wedbinars too.

Resources, tutorials & courses

Our in-house courses, tutorials and videos, and resources are regularly updated, so that members can top-up their learning at their leisure. We have a Resource Room, Learning Lounge and Course Corner, full of learning resources.

Support and motivation

Along with Claire and Natasha's support, you'll have access to a network of fellow members whose guidance and advice is also invaluable.

Members directory and other benefits

You can create your own member's profile for our directory and help get your name out there further! Members also get exclusive discounts to our workshops, events and retreats.

Elizabeth Cass-Kanti Wedding Celebrant, Greece


I wouldn't have a celebrant business I believe if it wasn't for the Celebrants Collective. In the beginning, when you are starting out, it's a highly affordable way of access to priceless resources, reams of useful information and, thanks to the many wise and wonderful celebrants in the group, the benefit of very learned and experienced celebrants. All this combined with the never ending support, kindness and know-how. If you are a celebrant and you are not a part of the Collective, you are missing out BIG TIME!

Choose your membership plan and let's get started!