The Celebrants Collective team

Want to know a bit more about the people behind the Celebrants Collective? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the regular team who keep the cogs turning to ensure that the best of the Celebrants Collective is brought directly to you.

Natasha Johnson


As the founder and programme co-ordinator for the Celebrants Collective, Natasha’s heart is at the heart of the operation. Taking her own passion for Celebrancy onboard, Natasha helps to oversee the direction of the Celebrants Collective to ensure that its members become the best that they can be, through the collective’s career development programme and community. As well as being in her eleventh year of being a Celebrant, she’s also the founder of the award-winning wedding blog, Engaged and Ready, leads a small team of Celebrants at Malaga and is a judge for the The Wedding Industry Awards Celebrant Category.

Natasha loves a glass of vino and Beyoncé in equal measure. You can read more about Natasha here on her personal website.

Claire Bradford

Claire Bradford

Claire became a Celebrant in 2015 after fourteen years of running a successful coaching business. Coaching saw her working 1-2-1 with clients, writing articles for blogs, magazines and newspapers and giving motivational talks to groups of varying sizes, so she feels that she’s had all the right ‘ingredients’ for years, and that becoming a Celebrant is her winning ‘recipe’. Writing for the Celebrants Collective news, blog and producing other editorial content combines her passion for celebrancy with her love of writing, so she still can’t really believe her luck!

Laura Dibben

Laura D

Lovely Laura is one half of an ace co-ordinating duo who will be overseeing the Celebrants Collective very first retreat convention in Malaga, 2018. Having worked as a wedding and event planner and co-ordinator for the last 15 years and speaking fluent Spanish and French, there is very little that Laura cannot organise. With a strong flair for design and details, Laura does like to leave her creative mark wherever she goes. When not on Celebrants Collective business, Laura can be found running events with Michael through their wedding company – Andalucia Weddings.


Michael Soffe

Michael S

Event planner extraordinaire Michael, spent 14 years working as a Stage Manager for one of the UK’s leading ballet companies, and equally as long as a wedding and events planner in Andalucia, Spain. So you can be sure that he adds a touch of ‘pure theatre’ to all the events that he organises and creates. With he and Laura leading the organisation of the Celebrants Collective retreat convention, it will be guaranteed to be an fantastic success. When not on Celebrants Collective business, Michael can be found running events with Laura through their wedding company – Andalucia Weddings.

Expert Contributors

We are enormously proud of our revolving team of Expert Contributors who lead our monthly topic sessions and share their knowledge and passion with Celebrants Collective members. You can read more about them here.

We are always on the look out for industry experts from all fields and areas of expertise, who we feel can help our members be the best Celebrants that they can be. If you’re an expert in your field and you have got amazing knowledge to share, then we’d love to get an email from you.