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Come and join me as I shoulder the daily struggles and challenges of Celebrant life together. Hosted by me, (The Celebrant Collective Founder Natasha Johnson), each monthly episode is bursting at the seams with useful tips and advice on everything from running your Celebrant business to growing in confidence as a professional Celebrant.

If you love what you do, and want to be the best that you can be, then you’ll love this podcast.

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7 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Thank you for signing me up for the newsletter

  2. Thanks for the mention of Valentine McFarty and myself! We’re both very honoured and you’re right… I do talk about him more than my husband! Great podcast! Roxy x

    1. Just been having a browse of your website, Roxy, and Natasha is so right! Your voice comes across loud and clear and I bet couples are able to decide on whether you are right for them even before meeting you!

  3. Thanks for Podcast Episode 002 Natasha. Just had a listen and have actually made some action points from it! Firstly, the bit about you as a person. There is a whole side of me that is not mentioned on my celebrant website (not sharing what, just yet) but which could actually tie in with being a celebrant. It struck me really hard while listening and then I can see how it might help lead to finding my USP, too. I feel a mindmap coming on! And then, asking others to read my website and see if it sounds like me. I will be asking those who know be best – my children and a group of friends I meet with regularly who know what I do but not much about how I do it. There, committed to actions now they are out there. Thanks again. (And I didn’t notice the buzz!)

    1. Natasha Johnson

      Thanks for the feedback Lynn. Absolutely thrilled that you got some actionable take-aways from it. Yay! Good luck implementing them.

  4. Helen Williams

    Have just listened to the myths around websites. had an inexpensive one built at first, which was OK but somehow we lost our way, that website and me! So, I’m having a brand-new shiny one built and listening to the podcast has come as a timely reminder about what to do with it once I’ve got it! Thanks, Natasha! x

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