Why join the Celebrants Collective?

The Celebrants Collective is strongly committed to the personal and business development of professional celebrants in Europe and beyond. There is no educational community or collective quite like it.

Whether you are trained, untrained, oozing with experience or not, part of a Celebrants’ organisation or independent, the Celebrants Collective is for you. We are a collective for all Celebrants, of all faiths, backgrounds and genders. The common ground is each member’s commitment and passion for what they do and desire to be the best Celebrant that they can be.

Once you have agreed to the  membership terms and conditions and code of conduct, and paid an annual membership fee of 120 Euros a year or 10 Euros a month, as a member, you will receive the following benefits;

  • Monthly live webinars and Q&A sessions with industry experts. You can take part in the monthly live Q&A sessions with the expert contributors and you will also be able to access the community discussions within our private member’s Facebook group.
  • Your own private online account. Here you can access the Celebrants Collective Resource Room and Learning Lounge both full of resources, e-books, guides and video tutorials to help you grow your celebrant business at your leisure.
  • Membership discounts towards our annual retreat, workshops and courses (online and in person)
  • A Celebrants Collective membership badge to display on your Celebrant website or to use in your own promotional material.

An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin