How’s your work/life balance?

By Claire Bradford

January 24, 2018

{"results":{"kgm7e":{"title":"Your work fits around your life, not the other way round","image":"","desc":"Maybe being a celebrant for you is a sideline that you enjoy around another job or being retired. Or maybe you're just super laid-back. Either way, you make sure that your job fits in around your lifestyle and that's what works for you. ","id":"kgm7e","index":0,"imageId":"","redirect_url":""},"pqxfv":{"title":"Stop what you're doing and make yourself a cuppa!","image":"","desc":"We're seriously impressed that you found the time to even do this quiz! You're a dedicated celebrant, but you maybe need slow down and set some firmer boundaries so that you don't burn out. After all, there's no output without input. Go and have some fun!","id":"pqxfv","index":2,"imageId":"","redirect_url":""}},"questions":{"yto15":{"title":"Your last holiday (home or away but at least a week of no work) was\u2026","mediaType":"image","image":"","imageCredit":"","video":"","imagePlaceholder":"","answers":{...

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About the author 

Claire Bradford

Claire is an award-winning celebrant and trainer who gets ridiculously excited about creating rites of passage ceremonies that tell great stories and reflect the people they’re about. As co-director of awesomeness and celebrant training for the Celebrants Collective, she also gets ridiculously excited about training people to do the best job in the world. (Actually, it would be fair to say that Claire has a tendency to get ridiculously excited about all sorts of things, including chocolate, Kung-Fu, 80s pop music and a well-brewed cup of tea, but that’s another story…)
Claire is lucky enough to live by the seaside in sunny Worthing, on the south coast of England, with the gorgeous Team Bradford and their ‘fragrant’ rescue dog, Stanley.

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