Work with me

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Let me help you

There are lots of exciting ways that I can help you to be the best wedding celebrant you can be. Just have a look below and see how you’d like to work with me and if there’s something below that isn’t covered, then just drop me a line here.

Let me be your mentor

Combining my business mentor training and over a decade of wedding celebrant experience, I now help wedding celebrants and officiants on a one-to-one basis. Whether it’s in identifying celebrant business problems, and helping to find solutions, dealing with confidence and mindset issues, or putting together a business strategy for how you want to move your business forward, I can help. Click here to read more about my different mentoring packages and services from two hour to three month sessions.


Join my Celebrants Collective

If private coaching isn’t for you at the moment, then maybe being a member of my Celebrant’s Collective Membership platform is. It’s the next best thing to having me as your personal coach. As far as I know there is no other educational platform like this for celebrants and officiants.

  • Each month between September and May we have live webinars with industry experts on a range of celebrant-related business and ceremonial topics, which I carefully curate and organise.
  • We have a Resource Room and Learning Lounge full of video tutorials, how-to videos, e-guides, worksheets and checklists to help you run your celebrant business and practice.
  • Plus access to all previously recorded live webinars
  • We have our own supportive community of members in our private Facebook group (separate to the non-members group) who help to support one another’s celebrant journey. along with support and advice from me too.
  • Members get discounts off of all other Celebrants Collective workshops, courses, events and retreats.

It really is one of the best (friendliest and supportive) spaces for continued professional development as a celebrant.

Let me be your speaker

I regularly hold workshops and speak at events for celebrants, wedding industry professionals and creatives on a whole range of wedding and creative industry business topics. If you’re interested in me speaking at your event, check out my personal page.

Or if you’re interested in attending one of my events, check out my event page here.