What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who helps people to celebrate and commemorate life’s events in special, unique and memorable ways.

A wedding celebrant…

…will lead a personal, heartfelt marriage celebration for a couple, having worked with them to craft it just as they wish. The ceremonies are very personal in nature and celebrants spend a lot of time planning and creating the ceremony to be in accordance with the couple’s own goals for their ceremony. Celebrants work hard to bring their vision of their ceremony to life. Wedding celebrants also carry out vow renewal ceremonies to help couples mark a special anniversary or milestone in their marriage.

A funeral celebrant…

…will help families to celebrate the lives of their loved ones and to honour and remember them with special tributes. When possible, a funeral celebrant will speak to family members in order to get a better understanding of the person whose life is being celebrated and will work with families to create a ceremony which will be in keeping with what the deceased would have wanted.

A baby-naming celebrant…

…will help families to celebrate their children, whether through welcoming them to the world, or re-affirming their love and commitment to the children in their family. Celebrants create meaningful and heartfelt occasions for families and give them cherished memories that they can look back on over the years.

Some celebrants carry out ceremonies for all of these life events, whilst others choose to specialise in one or another. In most European countries, celebrants do not carry out legal ceremonies, which in most cases will have been taken care of beforehand, where necessary.

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