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Things I’ve learnt on my celebrant journey – part 2

Everything from a lack of confidence, epic fails, crappy days and crappy people

As soon as I finished recording episode 13 of the Celebrant Survival Podcast about the things that I’ve learnt on my 12 year journey as a wedding celebrant, I knew that I had only scratched the surface. I realised that I wanted to explore some of the themes in more detail because there definitely was more to delve into, more stories to tell, more gems to share.

And not long after I published the episode, I got messaged by a few people either praising the themes that I touched on and how they resonated with them or expressing a wish that perhaps I had expanded on them further.

So that is exactly what I have done in episode 14 of the Celebrant Survival Podcast. I actually sat down and made a list of the big challenges and things that I have learnt as a Celebrant and I went through them all one by one, giving some examples, sharing some stories and giving some background and insight into my own experiences and how they might mirror your own experiences. Because trust me – none of what I have experienced is an isolated occurrence and many of these situations I have found myself in, you probably have too, or will do one day.

So what do I talk about?

To give you a little teaser, one of the big things that I talk about is experiencing a lack of confidence. I share my experiences of how someone like me, who is a naturally confident person, had a BBC career in public speaking as a broadcast journalist and newsreader, still has bouts of confidence-loss and wobbles.

I don’t think anyone is immune. And actually, as I mention on this podcast episode, a lack of confidence affects people in so many different ways. It can affect your performance and public speaking confidence, marketing and sales confidence, writing confidence, your decision-making confidence, your pricing confidence and so much more. And although it might not feel like it and it might feel like at times it’s just you, there are actually few people who aren’t affected by a loss of confidence in one area or another.

So do listen to this podcast episode if you feel you need a confidence boost (you will get one) or you simply could do with knowing that the things you feel and experience as a celebrant, are things which you are not the ONLY one to feel and experience (you’re not). You’ll also hear what other experiences and lessons made my list.

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