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This FREEBIE will help you with your social media during these difficult times

If you’re like me, when it comes to your celebrant social media platforms, you might be finding yourself struggling with what to post on a daily basis.

You may be spending more time than it’s worth staring at your computer or phone screen, waiting for some words to magically appear, because you don’t seem to be able to make them appear for yourself. 

It might be because right now you’re totally lacking motivation, or you don’t know what to say, or maybe that you do know what you want to say but you’re not sure of how to say it. I hear you on all counts!

Maybe you’re struggling to choose the right images. Images that fit the mood of the times that we currently find ourselves in. Struggling between the balance to be positive and the need to be honest. 

To be hopeful but at the same time cautious. 
Sensitive but enthusiastic.
Realistic but optimistic. 

Argh! It’s not easy, is it?

In fact, if you were to take a look at my wedding accounts, you’d see that in the last few weeks, I’ve hardly posted anything at all. Partly because my life behind closed doors has thrown my family life into a new normal and has seen my work life kind of go out of the window a little. But also because in my heart, I just felt too sad with the state of the world to want to post about anything remotely wedding-related. 

If you’re not feeling good on the inside, then it’s pretty impossible to pretend that all is well on the outside. It’s hard to uplift your couples, when you yourself need uplifting! Credit to those of you who are managing to do it!

This last fortnight however has taught me and reminded me of a few things.

1. We can be gentle on ourselves. Our couples are hurting too. They’re worrying and upset as well. They’re not expecting you to be the eternal voice of reason, positivity and hope. They want you to be safe and well. They want to be safe and well and have a wedding day to look forward to.

2. We don’t need to post stuff on social media everyday. We really don’t. So if you don’t want to and you’re feeling pressure that you have to, don’t! Give yourself a break.

3. If you want some lengthier time away from social media during this difficult time, don’t forget you’re allowed it! Honestly, don’t keep posting stuff, because you feel you have to. Screw the algorithms, your mental health is more important! You can put up a placeholder image on your accounts and a love note to your couples.

I did this on my wedding accounts. I posted a nice photo, and explained that I would be going AWOL from social media for a while to take stock, and I reassured my couples that they could email or DM at any time. I received nothing but love from my couples for it, through comments, DMs and sweet emails. It was so uplifting. And now that I’m feeling up to it, I’m ready to make a slow comeback to my wedding platforms. Win-win!

If being on social media actually helps you and motivates you and you enjoy posting and commenting on others’ posts, then of course keep it up. There’s nothing wrong with being visible, especially at a time like this.

My only word of caution is to not get drawn into ‘toxic positivity,’ where you fail to address that there is a problem. Where your visibility feels ignorant and insensitive. But at the same time, nobody wants you to languish in ‘toxic negativity,’ either. It’s all about balance.

If you’re finding yourself stuck for what to say and how to say it, then feel free to use this free social media calendar that I’ve created. It’s got 28 great post ideas to get you through this period of time. Neutral posts which will allow you to have a good online presence without the awkwardness and gives you a variety of things to post about over the course of a month.

And whilst this is all going on, I’ve reduced all of the resources in my celebrant shop by 50%, to help give access to Celebrant and business e-books for those who need or would like them.

Use this coupon code LOVE50 at the checkout to get a 50% reduction on all products. (Celebrants Collective members don’t forget, you have these resources in the Resource Room).

We will get through this and will come out of the other side mentally stronger and raring to get back into business!

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Four tips to keep you sane on social media

You don’t have to follow me for long before you realise how much of a love-hate relationship with social media I have. I really do.

Now don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate the wedding enquiries that I get via Facebook and Instagram accounts, and I love it when couples tell me how much they enjoy ‘stalking’ me (their word!) on Instagram. I love how much traffic Pinterest drives to my wedding blog and how I can stay connected with other celebrants globally, too. And I really am grateful for how social media has helped the growth of my Celebrant business and my wedding blog, but this does not change how I feel about the flip side of social media.

The overwhelm

The stress

The keeping up with algorithms (you can’t!)

The comparisonitis

The pressure to be omnipresent all the time

The perfection

The ‘real me’ vs ‘social media me’ struggle

I could go on.

And so you see there is a flip side, and a not very nice one at that. You cannot always get the benefits of social media without sometimes suffering from some of the side effects that its use can create. And this is what I’m not a fan of. 

I hate to see Celebrants suffering unnecessarily with the ways that they use social media. That there is a lot of advice and information about how to use social media that overwhelms you and causes confusion and stress. That social media can be all-consuming and leave you feeling that if you’re not on it all day, every day, you won’t have a business. Seriously!

So do make sure to listen to episode 15 of the Celebrant Survival Podcast for my top tips to keep you sane on social media. These are tips that I use myself and which 100% keep my sanity intact (well, when it comes to social media that is!) and helps me to not be stressed out by the demands and pressure that social media can cause.

You can subscribe to the Celebrants Survival Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher for Android. This means you’ll get instant notification of each new podcast episode and you can listen on the go or whenever you fancy! Or if you’re at work now and you want to listen from your desktop browser, you can listen right here.

And as always, knowing how important reviews are, do feel free to leave a review on whatever platform you listen on. 

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