Five ways you can learn for free via the Celebrants Collective

By Natasha Johnson

January 27, 2021

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With most celebrants having seen a reduction in their income and loss of earnings from many weddings not going ahead in 2020, it’s totally understandable that for some the financial loss is being felt.

But a loss in income shouldn’t mean that we have to also lose our business connections, or access to resources which will help our businesses to grow and flourish and to keep our business and celebrant mindset strong during this tricky period.

So I wanted to do a quick roundup of all the things that you can do via the Celebrants Collective FOR FREE, to keep up with your celebrant education or help you with running your business without you having to spend a penny.

1️⃣  Our Confident Celebrant Business Course

If you’ve not done it yet, do it! Our five day e-course is a great way to boost your celebrant confidence and to get your business in order for the year ahead. Sign up for it here.

2️⃣  Our free social media planner

If you’re constantly stuck for ideas for what to post online, use our free social media planner. You’ll get some great tips and post content ideas, which will free up your brain space for other more important things! Grab it here.

3️⃣ Our extremely useful celebrant blog

Take a look through all of our weekly blogs and get stuck in. From our favourite business book recommendations to top tips for using social media and even fun celebrant quizzes, there is so much to keep you entertained and educated, too. Check out our blog here.

4️⃣  Our community Facebook group

Whilst it’s not strictly educational, it is a great spot for learning new things and being in the company of amazing celebrants and officiants from around the world. The celebrant discussions themselves are insightful and full of different ideas, perspectives and suggestions. Join us here.

5️⃣  Our popular celebrant survival podcast

We’re actually on a hiatus with our podcast, as we rebrand it and record new episodes, but there are 23 whole episodes for you to get stuck into. From a debate on what celebrants should wear to discussions on script-writing and ceremony creation, there are some great episodes to listen to for free. Get listening here.

Well that's your lot! Fingers crossed that there is something there for you to get engaged with and to help keep those celebrant motors turning over until the time comes to step up a gear again.

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About the author 

Natasha Johnson

Natasha is the founder and co-director of awesomeness at the Celebrants Collective, with her business wife, Claire Bradford. When she's not overseeing celebrant development and supporting the hell out of their members, she can be found drinking fabulous Spanish wine, dancing to Beyoncé and hanging out on her veg patch, sometimes all at the same time. She lives in Malaga, Spain with her two favourite humans, three dogs, eight chickens and two giant African snails. (Don't ask!)

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