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35 questions for your wedding couples




Learning about your couples is an important part of being a wedding celebrant. The more that you know about them in terms of who they are as a couple and as individuals, the easier it is to create a beautiful ceremony which truly represents them.

Whether your learning process is done face-to-face, on a video chat or via a self- answering wedding questionnaire, or a mixture of all of those, I have compiled a broad range of questions, which can help you to get not just useful information from your couples, but also to get a better understanding of who they are and what they’re like as people.

Sometimes it’s not easy to think of what to ask and how to ask it, so these 35 questions and tops tips for usage will definintely set you up with a great range of prompts, from the fun and silly to the more serious. It will also give you a great basis for ceremony creation, script writing and learning more about your couples.


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