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May 24-26th


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Three days of celebrant creativity, inspiration and awesomeness brought to you by the Celebrants Collective

When it comes to being a celebrant, do you want to get back to basics?

Move over marketing. Step aside SEO. Bog off blogging (Just for a bit...)

Do you want to get back to the real business of being a celebrant?

  • Being creative. 
  • Crafting and telling stories.
  • Maximizing your celebrant performance & public speaking abilities.
  • Holding space with confidence.
  • Enhancing your intuition.
  • Expanding your writing skills.
  • Deepening your understanding of ceremony creation.
  • Getting creative with funerals.

If you’re nodding your head and feeling a real need to boost your basic celebrant skills, to improve the way that you write, vocalize, perform and create ceremony, then read on. 

Come and join us for our AMAZING three-day online event, full of fabulous workshop leaders and jam-packed with celebrant creativity, education and inspiration.

We've got you covered.

Three packed days of value, education and fun!

Let's get back to basics

The demands of social media and the ‘need’ to look good and to be ever present online, can make us lose sight of what’s really important:

Creating beautiful, personal ceremonies.

We create magic for the couples and families that we work with by giving them a voice and enabling them to have a ceremony that truly represents them or their loved ones.

It's time to get back to basics and re-align ourselves with the essence of what we do as celebrants - using words and ritual to make meaning.

Are you ready? Let's get you creating ceremony magic!

What You'll Learn and who you'll learn from over the three days

We've hand-picked our workshop leaders and presenters to bring you the best of their knowledge right to your fingertips.


Natasha Johnson

HOst & workshop leader

Claire Bradford


Lucy Brown

voice over artist, performer & WORKSHOP LEADER

Veronika Robinson

Author, celebrant & WORKSHOP LEADER

Han Hills

voice over artist, celebrant & author & WORKSHOP LEADER

Rosalie Kuyvenhoven


River Jones


And here's what we'll be teaching and sharing

With these sessions and more, your creative juices are really going to flow.

Igniting the Fire of Creativity:
 a conscious practice for celebrant life with
Veronika Robinson

As a celebrant, the spark of our creativity begins far, far away from the page or screen. Igniting the Fire of Creativity will show you how the tinder of our fire must be well seasoned if we expect our ideas to catch alight. This workshop will be practical and participatory (please bring pen and paper and a curious mind). Through various exercises, examples, prompts and discussion, I will you how to gather a good pile of tinder as a conscious part of your daily life. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

Once Upon A Ceremony: The Role of Storytelling in Celebration
han hills

Whilst ceremonies themselves might contain an element of story-telling, the ceremony itself is also a form of story. A journey that takes a participant from one place to another. And this is where the arts of ceremony and theatre overlap more than you might realise. How can we use the principles of narrative, story structure, and storytelling to enhance the meaning and experience of ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and more? Celebrant, writer, and actor Hannibal Hills will take us through some practical concepts used in disciplines such as writing, theatre and film, and show how these can be used in simple ways to enhance the planning and enjoyment of ceremonies for all participants and witnesses. He will cover concepts such as scene, hierarchy, transformation, mirroring, the importance of transition, and how to use music and ritual in powerful ways that enhance enjoyment and understanding.

Magical Marriages (not just for Druids) with river jones

With outdoor weddings becoming increasingly popular, nature inspired ceremonies are not just for pagans, druids and tree huggers: everyone - celebrants and clients alike - wants their ceremonies to feel magical! From the four directions and the four elements, to sun and moon cycles, spirits of place, and plant and animal lore; the natural world is an endless source of inspiration and enchantment that we can connect with and draw upon to bring extra depth, richness and resonance to our ceremonies. Coming from her background as a teacher of creative writing, River will guide you through this practical workshop on how to bring the magic of nature to your rituals and blessings for weddings, vow renewals and relationship celebrations - whilst keeping them down to earth and inclusive for those of all outlooks. 

Creativity and funerals: Re-imagining funerals with
Rosalie kuyvenhoven

Many of us are familiar with designing and delivering funeral services around words. Funeral celebrants are masters in crafting personalised welcome addresses, eulogies that bring a person to life and writing meaningful committal phrases. Music and poetry are common ways to add a personal touch to the ceremony.  But there’s more! 

In this interactive session Rosalie will present ways in which families have found creative ways to express their grief and pay tribute to their person. You’ll learn about symbolic rituals, creative use of ceremony space and alternative ways of presenting a person’s life story.

Meet June, who had her funeral in her own garden. Get to know Dick, a musician, who was remembered by a special back-stage pass. Join Sonya’s friends in a ritual of movement and song. Stand by Evan’s parents who honoured their baby boy’s life in a local wood. 

Rosalie will walk you through examples of creative funerals she has led and share good practice tips on how they work. You’ll be invited to get creative yourself too by working on a selection of case studies! 

Learning outcomes:

  • Enrich your celebrant toolkit with some beautiful and meaningful examples of symbolic rituals
  • Gain access to guidelines on how to design symbolic rituals for a funeral ceremony 
  • Feel more confident to think beyond spoken words
  • Get inspired to use ceremony space in a more engaging way
Creative Writing: Mastering Imagery in the Ceremonial Script with veronika robinson

This participatory workshop challenges you to let go of all previous script writing knowledge and habits so that you may take confident steps towards mastering the use of enlivening language. You’ll learn how to find a balance between telling an audience what happened to showing them. Your powerful word imagery will stay with them long after the ceremony is over. You’ll learn to make every word count, and dramatically improve your current writing style. You’re encouraged to bring a paragraph or two from one of your scripts for use in the workshop. Please bring pen/paper. 

Q&A PANEL with
Claire & Natasha 

Inspired by what you've learned and want to discuss it? Or maybe you have a burning question you'd like to ask? This is the place to be. 

creating impact from start to finish WITH natasha johnson

During this interactive workshop you'll be invited to think about and reframe the way you create ceremony. A lot of emphasis, time and mental investment can be put into creating the love story or the eulogy of a ceremony, but what about the welcome and the ending of a ceremony? Whilst eulogies and love stories are of course important and impactful ceremony elements, they are not the only elements of a ceremony. This workshop will help you to think about how to craft your ceremonies for more impact and engagement. To give your ceremonies their own story arc and to build impact into both the way that you start a ceremony and finish a ceremony. Ensure that your audience is engaged right from your very first words, to the very last.

 Amplifying your voice: Loving, protecting and respecting your voice with 
lucy brown

Your voice should be one of your most treasured tools as a celebrant. With it you have the power to calm people, and set the tone and intentions for a ceremony. The power to soothe people. Guide people. Lift moods, hold spaces and create energy. Yet how many of us neglect our voices and don't invest much thought into its use, protection and care. Voiceover artist and performer, Lucy Brown is going to help you to fall in love with your voice. To recognise its importance in supporting what you do and helping you to make sure that you use it and look after it like the most treasured possession that it is. To protect the most underrated tool in your celebrant toolkit.

claire bradford

People love celebrant led ceremonies because they are so personal. We tell stories of the couples and the individuals we work with and we help them to celebrate those stories.

Yet, as John Donne famously wrote, “no man is an island”. All of us are connected in myriad ways to the people with whom we share our personal life, our home town, our workplace or even our workouts. We are deeply connected to our family and our ancestors. We are connected to the land we live on. Nothing is truly only about us.

This session will be spent discussing and exploring ways that we might weave some of those connections into the ceremonies that we create, ways to involve people or things that represent those connections, and to end up with meaningful, personal and unforgettable results.

Check out our event schedule

Excited by all of the workshops and presentations on offer? Check out our timetable below for how they'll be featuring over the three days. Awesome? Or Awesome?

MOnday 24th May

9.30-1030am Event welcome (Claire and Natasha)

10.30-12.30 Workshop - Lucy Brown - Amplify your voice: Loving, protecting and caring for your voice

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

1330-1530 Workshop - Weaving personal connections - Claire Bradford

15:30-1730 Presentation - Han Hills

Times are set to UK time. Times may vary slightly on the day.

day 2
tuesday 25th may

9.30am Day 2 welcome (Claire and Natasha)

10.30-12.30 Presentation two - Rosalie Kuyvenhoven - Creativity and funerals    

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

1330-1530 Workshop - Creating Impact - Natasha Johnson

1530-1730 Presentation - Magical Marriages - River Jones

Times are set to UK time. Times may vary slightly on the day.

day 3

9.30am Day Three welcome (Claire and Natasha)

10.30-12.30 Workshop - Igniting the fire of creativity- Veronika Robinson

12.30-13.30 LUNCH 

1330-1530 Workshop - Mastering imagery in the ceremonial script - Veronika Robinson

1530-1630 - Q&A panel discussion

1630-1700 Event close & prize-giving

Times are set to UK time. Times may vary slightly on the day.

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The celebrant event you didn’t realise you needed!

Who is this event for?

This event is for all celebrants and officiants (funeral, wedding and other) worldwide who pride themselves on being able to give their couples' and families their absolute creative best.

Celebrants who want to create deeply personal experiences for their clients. Who want to amplify their creativity, expand their performance skills and take their ceremony practices to new levels.

Is this you?

This event is for you if you're a new celebrant

Maybe you've not had a chance to write many scripts yet or lead your first ceremonies. This event will help boost your celebrant creativity and improve your vocal, writing and performance confidence.

This event is for you if you could use a confidence boost

Maybe it's been a while since you properly led a ceremony. Maybe you've never felt 100% confident about how you hold a ceremony space and deliver a ceremony with energy. Well, our workshops will inspire you to take action and boost your ceremony confidence.

This event is for you if you want to improve your creativity

Do your scripts and your writing processes feel a bit samey-samey? Are you often stuck for hours procrastinating over what to say and how to say it? Our workshops have been designed to load you up with inspiration and motivation to help you shake up your ceremony writing and creation process.

Join us for our 3-day 

creativity workshop

Three days of EVERYTHING you need to boost your celebrant creativity. From how you think about writing, to how you actually write, and communicate. An amazing boost for your performance, energy and vocal ability too. We've got you covered.

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