Creating vows that wow!


In this webinar, Natasha looks at how we can support and help our couples with their wedding vows, by primarily getting a better understanding of the actual function of vows. You'll learn how to approach vows in a way that is inclusive of all couples' needs and wishes, so that couples are helped to have vows which represent them and what they want to say, during this special moment.Natasha looks at the different types of vows; question vows, alternating vows, statement vows, promise vows etc, which will help your couples craft or choose vows that suit who they are and what they want for their ceremony.Grab a copy of the webinar slides here (excuse the typos!) and read the webinar chat transcript below. Enjoy!11:00:01 From Bonnie Bates To All Panelists : Tada!11:00:01 From Susannah Hampton : Lol! Hello!11:00:12 From Andrew Langley To All Panelists : Hi Everyone Andrew here11:00:15 From Ange Moore : Morning everyone!11:00:15 From Sam Dobson : Morning Everyone x11:00:19 From Jacki Clement...

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