Celebrant co-working sessions

What are co-working sessions for?Welcome to our celebrant co-working sessions. Hello!Co-working means to come together in a group, in this case, a virtual group, and working on individual projects together in the same space. As celebrants, we are often busy working away on our own and it can feel lonely at times! It often feels good to be around other people working, and the atmosphere of everyone else getting on with their work can help with motivation. Even though our colleagues are quietly working on their own stuff, these sessions can help you to maintain your focus, avoid distractions, stay accountable, stop procrastinating and make significant progress on your to-do list. What's not to love?!?What are co-working sessions NOT for?What the co-working sessions are NOT for is a place for chatting and networking. Though you'll be able to talk briefly during the sessions to set your aims, this isn't a hang out and natter opportunity (but we are looking at bringing those in soon!) Pleas...

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