Are you ready to book more weddings?

By Natasha Johnson

September 29, 2021

Of course you are! That's why you're here. 

Here at the CCHQ we're are beyond excited for this latest instalment of the Book More Weddings Summit because this summit is not just one of the most informative when it comes to running your wedding business but it's also incredible value for money. In fact, it's FREE! Yup, FREE! And so yet again we're pleased to be partnering up with Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business to promote this event for wedding professionals around the world.

And today the summit doors are now officially open.

Learn, flourish and prosper

This summit was created to help you attract more of your ideal clients and book more weddings so you can be more profitable and grow your wedding business.

You'll be able to learn from a line up of over 20+ incredible speakers with topics ranging from How To Consistently Attract New Couples Through Instagram, to The Conversion Factor: How To Turn Inquiries Into Bookings, and everything in between.

The summit kicks off on October 18th- October 22nd and it’s going to be 5 action-packed days that you won’t want to miss! 

This event is specifically crafted for the wedding industry because we have different needs than other industries. We don’t get a ton of repeat customers and we’re selling luxury products and services to people who are brand new to buying these kinds of things.

Are you ready to learn?

 There really is no other event like it that has learning and action-taking at its core and which is represented by such a diverse mix of wedding educators and professionals. Oh and is as we said already, absolutely free. There will be opportunities for you to upgrade your free ticket to a paid one if you want to access amazing bonus materials etc, but essentially this is a free event.

We are so excited to partner with this event and also to learn from our amazing global colleagues.

Grab your free ticket here.


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About the author 

Natasha Johnson

Natasha is the founder and co-director of awesomeness at the Celebrants Collective, with her business wife, Claire Bradford. When she's not overseeing celebrant development and supporting the hell out of their members, she can be found drinking fabulous Spanish wine, dancing to Beyoncé and hanging out on her veg patch, sometimes all at the same time. She lives in Malaga, Spain with her two favourite humans, three dogs, eight chickens and two giant African snails. (Don't ask!)

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