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Are celebrants putting too much emphasis on script-writing when creating ceremony?

I have wanted to discuss this topic for a long time but I’ve never been quite sure of how to approach it or what was the best way to do it, whether I shared it as a podcast or a blog post. In the end I choose to do it as a podcast episode, so that I could really get stuck in and present my thoughts in the best way possible.

I really want to open up a dialogue about the idea of ceremony script-writing and how much emphasis we place on its importance for our role as a celebrant. I would like to explore the idea of how scripting for ceremonies has become such an important element in the creation of ceremony, perhaps too important?

That we are so focused on the words that are said during the ceremony, that we perhaps put less emphasis on everything else that goes into creating a ceremony. That writing a beautiful script for a ceremony has become synonymous with creating a ceremony.

Whilst bordering on controversy with my topic choice, I really think it’s important to discuss issues like this. It’s important for us to debate how we work and why we do what we do. This is how we push boundaries, and improve who we are and how we work as celebrants or reaffirm that how we work, is how we want to work and enjoy working.

Here are some questions I dig deeper into in the podcast.

Do celebrants feel that writing a ceremony script is the only way to create a ceremony?

Should we be focusing on creating ceremony scripts, or focusing on creating ceremonies?

Are we placing too much emphasis on creating amazing wedding scripts? Hint: Yes, I think we are.

Can beautiful bespoke ceremonies be created in the absence of heavily worded scripts? Hint: Yes, I think they can.

Is sharing a couples love story the only way to make a ceremony personal to them?

Do you have to be an AMAZING writer to be a celebrant? Hint: No I don’t think you do.

I’m going to be opening up a discussion on this in the Celebrants Collective Facebook group, so make sure you’re in the group if you want to participate and please do listen to the podcast first to hear ALL of my thoughts and point of view.

I look forward to discussing this in more detail. Listen to the Celebrant Survival Podcast here or on Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher, where you can download it and listen on the go and leave a review!

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